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It's good business to look ahead to the future; identify needs, find opportunities and make plans. Today's successful people do just that.

Since our founding in 1915, the Dayton Law Firm of  Pickrel, Schaeffer & Ebeling has represented businesses and individuals throughout the greater Dayton area. Our attorneys are committed to providing legal help in a cost effective manner while maintaining the highest quality standards of service and integrity. We assess each situation and then develop innovative ideas which identify potential risks, opportunities for savings and growth, and strategies to aggressively protect your interests. With a broad range of skills, PS&E’s professional team works together to provide our clients the combined strength and knowledge of all of our attorneys. Read more


Interesting case involving Anti-Lapse Statute

Mike Sandner and John Clough recently worked together to obtain a decision of first impression in the State of Ohio.  The issue presented to Mike and John by the client was to what extent she would be allowed to share in a relative’s estate.  The unique ...

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Workers’ Compensation: Are your ...

Many business owners believe that because they consider a worker to be an independent contractor, they do not have to provide workers’ compensation coverage for them. Surprisingly, this may not be the case where an independent contractor who is injured at your job site files a ...

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Recent IRA Rollover Rule Changes

Rollovers are a popular way of moving IRA money from one investment option to another.  They are also a way to get a short-term tax-free loan from your IRA.   An IRA withdrawal is reported on your tax return but is treated as a tax-free transaction if: ...

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  • PS&E Attorney Helps Serve over 300 meals!

     Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling attorney, Jeff Senney volunteers with the Centerville Rotary to serve over 300 meals at the House of Bread.  House of Bread was founded  over 26 ...


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