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It's good business to look ahead to the future; identify needs, find opportunities and make plans. Today's successful people do just that.

Since our founding in 1915, the Dayton Law Firm of  Pickrel, Schaeffer & Ebeling has represented businesses and individuals throughout the greater Dayton area. Our attorneys are committed to providing legal help in a cost effective manner while maintaining the highest quality standards of service and integrity. We assess each situation and then develop innovative ideas which identify potential risks, opportunities for savings and growth, and strategies to aggressively protect your interests. With a broad range of skills, PS&E’s professional team works together to provide our clients the combined strength and knowledge of all of our attorneys. Read more


Getting Waiver of 60 Day ...

Under Internal Revenue Code section 408(d), taxpayers have 60 days after receipt of a distribution from a qualified retirement plan or IRA to roll the distribution back into a qualified retirement plan or IRA.  This 60 day window is enforced strictly and generally failure to make ...

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Notice Provisions & Liquidated Damages. ...

    In the case of Boone Construction, Inc. v. The. Village of Piketon, 2014 – Ohio – 2377 (2014) the Appeals Court for the 4th District dealt with both of the above issues.             Have you ever heard the admonition: "Read the Contract?" Contractors do ...

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The Basics of the EB-5 ...

Although, most of our current immigration system is broken and impedes our economic prosperity; there is one program within our immigration system that significantly contributes to the U.S. economy and creates U.S. jobs, without costing  taxpayers a dime.  That program is titled EB-5.  The purpose of ...

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  • Real Men do it in Suits!

    PS&E Attorney, Alan Schaeffer and Fifth Third VP Market Manager, Steve Petitjean do the Ice Bucket Challenge. ...


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