Deportation and Removal Defense
When a foreign national has been placed in a removal proceeding, a skilled immigration attorney can effectively examine the facts and the legal issues involved and provide any and all possible options that may be available in order to successfully prevail in the deportation or removal proceedings.

Detention and Bond
If a foreign national is subject to deportation or removal from the United States, he/she could be detained by the Immigration & Customs Enforcement (“ICE”).  An experienced immigration attorney can carefully analyze each situation to find the best course of action and can represent the foreign national before ICE or the immigration judge in order to secure the release of the foreign national.

There are several different types of discretionary waivers available that may allow a foreign national to get relief from removal or deportation from the United States.  Applying for these waivers requires a high degree of knowledge and skill in order to ascertain that the foreign national is statutorily qualified for the waiver and that the waiver grounds are presented persuasively before the immigration judge.

Family Based Immigration
We can assist individuals in filing petitions to have their spouses, children, parents or siblings admitted to the U.S. as permanent residents.  Our attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals before the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and U.S. consulates.

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