Andrew C Storar becomes OSBF President

Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling is proud to announce that Andrew C. Storar has been elected as President Elect of the Ohio State Bar Foundation (OSBF).  He will begin his 1 year term in January, 2016.

Comprised of nearly 1000 attorneys, The OSBF is the charitable arm of the Ohio State Bar Association.  Their mission is to improve public understanding of the law and build a better justice system.  To accomplish this they do several things including giving grants, providing leadership programs, and recognizing contributors through different Awards.

In the past year OSBF has provided nearly $900k in grants for educational and Access to Justice programs. Over the years they have also provided grants to such organizations as the YMCA, Big Brother Big Sisters, Ohio Military Veterans Legal Programs, Ohio Domestic Violence organization and hundreds of other organizations throughout Ohio that are dedicated to educating the public about the justice system.

The OSBF also sponsors Law and Leadership Programs.  The OSBF is a major supporter of the Law and Leadership Institute (LLI).  The goal of the LLI –  to “Change a life. Improve a profession” –  and it has done just that.  They assist Ohio’s inner city youth who are interested in pursuing a legal career.  Of the youth who are involved in LLI, 90% of the students graduate from high school and continue on to higher education.  The program mentors youth throughout their high school career, teaches them the dynamics of working in a professional atmosphere, coordinates internships with local organizations, provides the students with a network of professionals and most importantly, gives them the confidence to succeed.

And finally, the OSBF says “thank you” to all of the donors and organizations that see the importance of helping them build a better justice system.  Each year, the OSBF hosts a Fall dinner where awards are given to the organizations that have helped improve and donate to the grants and programs, individuals who volunteer their time to make the OSBF grants and programs possible, and celebrate successes.

Andy has been a Fellow with the Foundation for 11 years while serving on the Board of Trustees for six.   He is also an OSBF Distinguished Life Fellow Associate.  In his new role, he will lead an accomplished group of legal professionals who are also committed to promoting public understanding of the law and improvements in the justice system.  Andy’s goal is “to preserve the honorary nature of the Foundation, expand its development efforts in order to provide more support to the many worthy projects for which organizations are seeking grants and mostly improve access to justice and understanding of the law.”

Celebrating 100 years of serving clients, PS&E would like to congratulate Andy as he helps the OSBF achieve their goals.  Whether  it’s educating the public of the  law, improving the justice system, increasing the support for lawyers and judges, or empowering our youth to get involved, the OSBF makes an impact across the state of Ohio.

More  information about how you can support the Ohio State Bar Foundation can be found at

AUTHOR: Jan Burden