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Imagine this nightmare scenario:

It’s a sunny, snowy afternoon. You have a great job, a loving family, and everything is going your way. You decide to take a Sunday drive. Just 10 minutes into your drive, you come upon an intersection and have a green light giving you the right of way to proceed. As you enter the intersection, from over the crest of a hill, you are struck by an old up pickup truck traveling at over 70 mph. You sustain serious, life-threating injuries, and your legs are broken beyond repair.

You’re transported to the ICU, where you stay for 20 days; then, you are moved to a regular room at the hospital and eventually to in-patient rehab. 90 days following your accident, you finally get to go home but still can’t resume your job as an up-and-coming engineer.

Bills are mounting, and you look to the responsible driver for damages. Yet, you learn that the driver of the pickup has no assets, was on the road illegally, and did not have any liability insurance. What are your options?

It’s a nightmare scenario. Unless you have uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage through your own insurance company, you have no viable monetary remedy. Sure, you could get a judgment against the at-fault driver, but where does that leave you if he has no assets? Hurt, out in the cold, and permanently injured.

Let’s say you have uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance coverage under this scenario. Great, right? It depends. What are your UM/UIL limits? Ohio only requires coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. Hopefully, you don’t have cut-rate insurance. Let’s assume, conservatively, that your medical bills total close to $200,000. In that case, if you had the minimum coverage, the most you would ever be able to recover is $25,000. That amount won’t even pay your medical bills, let alone compensate you for your lost wages, the injuries you sustained, and the permanent impact the accident has caused you.

Would a $1,000,000 UM/UIM policy limit be enough? Under the $200,000 medical bill scenario, that is much better than having only a $25,000 policy. Yet, it still might not be sufficient to care for your ongoing medical treatment.

So what is enough? Meet your trusted insurance agent and discuss what coverages are best for you. You’d be surprised that, compared to the downside, increasing your premiums to have enough insurance isn’t as expensive as you might imagine.

We live in a world where you must take charge of your situation and protect yourself. Some people on the road have no regard for your safety or financial situation. Obtaining the appropriate amount of insurance and having the right kind of insurance is vitally important. Your life and comfort might depend on it.

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AUTHOR: Michael Bly