Do you Believe the Value of Your Property is Correct?

Business man looking at property valuation document

Or maybe you or your business bought property last year at a value below the Auditor’s recorded fair market value?  If either of those circumstances apply, then you should be aware that the deadline to file Complaints is March 31, 2020.  Updated real estate tax notices have been sent out, and you should review these for your personal or business real estate to ensure that the valuations are accurate.  If you believe there are inaccuracies, or that the stated value no longer reflects the market value of your property, you should consider filing a tax complaint to challenge your valuation.  Challenging your valuation may give you the opportunity to benefit from any savings obtained for years to come. 

          If you have any questions about how to file a complaint, please contact Mike Sandner at Pickrel, Schaeffer & Ebeling, or call (937) 223-1130  to review your situation.

AUTHOR: Mike Sandner