Donald Schweller Celebrates 60 Years at Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling

Born in 1930, Don Schweller is a Dayton native, having attended Chaminade High School and the University of Dayton, graduating  with a B.A. in 1952. His law school at the University of Cincinnati was interrupted for two years while he served as an officer in the Quartermaster Corps partly in Korea (1953-55). After completing his J.D. at the University of Cincinnati in 1957, Don attended New York University where he obtained an LLM in taxation in 1958.


Upon graduation, Don started with Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling. He quickly became known for his analytical mind in all matters, especially probate and tax issues. He served as president of the firm 1992 – 1995.  Through the years, he has been active in the Dayton and Ohio State Bar Probate sections and committees.  He was president of St. Albert the Great Catholic Church Council, president of the Dayton Bicycle Club (founded in 1884) and member of the Lawyers Club.  Don has also been named an Ohio Super Lawyer in Probate and Estate Planning every year since 2005.


Throughout his life, Don has had an avid interest in antiques, fine wine and art.  In fact, Don is among one of the founders and first president of the Dayton Opera Association. When Don travels he plans his trips around museums and in his spare time he loves looking at different artwork, buying and selling on a regular basis.  Most of the artwork that decorates the law firm of Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling was purchased by Don as president and are most likely much more valuable than anyone at the firm realizes.


Even after 60 years of practicing as an Estate Planning and Probate attorney at Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling, Don still comes into the office daily and meets with clients and their families on a regular basis.   He takes care of himself by playing tennis and working out several times per week.   He attributes his success to “being around really good people”.  Ask Mr. Schweller any historical question about Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling or Dayton, and he most likely will know the answer – his mind is as sharp as a tack.


A quote from Alan Schaeffer of Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling about Mr. Don Schweller that describes him and his personality.   “I remember as a kid, 13 or 14 years old borrowing a whole 25 cents from Don for money that may or may not have been paid back.  This situation has led to many years of jocularity between the two of us and in fact continues to this day.  Don is one fine gentleman!!”


Congratulations to Mr. Donald Schweller of Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling.  We are honored and privileged to have him as an integral part of the law firm of PS&E for 60 years!  More information can be found online at

AUTHOR: Pam Thomas

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