Medicaid and Ohio Work Requirements

Several months ago, the U.S. Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services granted approval for Ohio to impose work requirements for those covered by the Medicaid expansion program / the Affordable Care Act (approximately 540,000 people).  Gov. DeWine believes the work requirement is intended to put able-bodied adults served by the Medicaid expansion on a pathway to full employment, starting with the mandatory 20 hours per week.Ohio Medicaid Medical Image

Reports estimate that approximately 36,000 people (6.5% of those under the Medicaid expansion) would risk losing their benefits.

There are several exceptions to the mandatory work requirements; including, those of 50 years of age or older, physically or mentally unfit for employment, pregnant, caring for children or a disabled household member, in school at least half-time, or participating in drug or alcohol treatment.

Last year, after Kentucky instituted its mandatory work policy, a federal judge struck it down as unconstitutional. Kentucky is now considering a revised plan for its work requirements.

Ohio must first get federal approval of how it will implement and monitor its plan before it goes into effect.

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AUTHOR: Joseph Mattera