Ohio Moves to Enhance Penalties for Distracted Driving

distracted drivingEffective October 29, 2018 Ohio’s enhanced penalty for distracted driving went into effect.  Under the law, if an offender commits a moving violation while “distracted” and that distraction was a contributing factor to the commission of the violation, the driver is subject to a fine of up to $100.00 on top of any penalty imposed for the underlying moving violation.  The act applies to both personal electronics, such as cell phones as you would expect, but also includes any activity not necessary to the operation of the vehicle.  For example, if a driver were to run a red light and cause an accident, whether the driver had been engaged on his or her cell phone, or shaving or applying makeup at the time, and for that reason didn’t observe the light, then they could be subject to the enhanced penalty.  Under the law, the enhanced penalty may be avoided by attending a distracted driving safety course, but certainly the intent either way is to emphasize, and discourage distracted driving.   If you would like more information or have received one of these violations, please contact Mike Sandner at 937-223-1130 or via email at msandner@pselaw.com.

AUTHOR: Mike Sandner