Removal/Deportation Defense

Removal/Deportation Defense

When a foreign national has been been notified about deportation proceedings, a skilled immigration attorney can effectively examine the facts and the legal issues involved.  We can then provide any and all possible options that may be available in order to successfully prevail in the defense of a deportation or removal proceeding.


Before your hearing, our attorney will take the time to understand the circumstances and whether the DHS charge against you is correct, and whether any particular circumstances in your life would warrant defending your deportation.  Because of complexities in the immigration laws, these possibilities may not be apparent to you, even after reading up on immigration law matters.   Here are some things that will be considered:


  • if the charge against you are grounds for deportation under immigration laws
  • review your citizenship status
  • see if you qualify for asylum
  • ask the judge to grant you a green card (if you qualify for U.S. citizenship)
  • help you present an application for cancellation of removal


Even if you believe that you might qualify for one of these defenses or applications, an attorney can help you make the strongest argument possible. The attorney will fill out any required forms, help prepare exhibits (documents backing up your statements), draft legal briefs arguing the case, and prepare you and any witnesses for the court hearing.


If you or someone you know is in this circumstance we can help.

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