Personnel Policies & Procedures

Personnel Policies and Procedures

Our clients regularly enlist our assistance in formulating personnel policies and procedures. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are in full compliance with all laws, and to create employment applications, policies, procedures, and handbooks that meet the needs of their particular business while providing a useful working guide for management of the workforce. For those clients who already have employment applications, policies, procedures, and handbooks, we are often asked to review them to make sure they meet the requirements of a changing legal landscape, as well as meeting the needs of companies which are constantly growing and evolving.



Members of Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling’s  Employment Law team appear before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, State and Federal Courts, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance and many other administrative agencies of the State and Federal Government.



While our Employment Law and Workers’ Compensation team focuses on the employee and employment side of businesses, they also work with the other teams at PS&E giving you the combined strength and experience of over twenty attorneys.  Our attorneys can assist with Business, Tax and Real Estate matters, Employee Immigration concerns, and our experienced Litigation team will aggressively defend you if a matter needs to go to court.   We look forward to working with you.

  • Gender, race, age and handicap discrimination
  • Harassment and retaliation claims
  • Wrongful discharge and at will employment
  • BWC intentional tort and VSSR claims
  • Non-competition, non-solicitation and trade secrets
  • Employment policies and practices in personnel handbooks
  • Employment contracts and consulting agreements
  • Whistleblowers, false claim allegations
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Employee health welfare benefits, COBRA, ERISA, and HIPAA

Practice Group

  • Jeffrey S. Senney
    Tax Attorney
  • Matthew D. Stokely
    Employment Law
  • Kristina E. Curry
    Employer Defense, Workers' Compensation, Employment Law

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