Senney Saves a Squirrel!

This is a squirrelly story just to make you smile…

Was working from home today.  After a 2 hour Zoom B2B Connect meeting, and talking with a new client from California who read my blog and spending a couple hours doing billable legal work, I went outside to help Sharon with some yard work.   No rain water was coming out of one of the downspouts.  I banged on it and Heard a scratching round.


Thought it might be a chipmunk that fell in.   I got a rope and tied one end to a pocket knife and the other to a trowel.   I lowered the pocket knife and attached rope slowly into the downspout thinking whatever it was would climb out.   Nothing happened for a while so I thought it might have gone out the other way.

Thinking I still had a Water blockage In the downspout I decided to flush it out using the garden hose.   I ran a bunch of water into the downspout and it still didn’t drain.


So I started to slowly pull the rope back up.   I felt a tug and I knew I  caught something.  I continued to pull up the rope and then suddenly Holding on to the rope with 2 little paws was a dazed looking squirrel.  He just held on looking at me half way out of the top of  the downspout.  I kept slowly  pulling till he was completely free.   He collapsed on my roof collecting his thoughts and his strength. Turns out I cleaned out my downspout and saved  a squirrel at the same time.  Maybe now he’ll leave my bird feeder alone!


Didn’t know working from home could be so Rewarding!  If you have questions about the tools used, sounds to listen for, or would like an update, please email me at

AUTHOR: Jan Burden