Vote Andy Storar for OSBA President-Elect

Vote for Andy Storar for OSBA President- Elect


Proven Leader, True Commitment.


I bring years of  leadership experience to the Ohio State Bar Association having served on the Media Law Committee, Council of Delegates for 22 years, the Board of Governors from 2006-2009 (Chair-Budget and Headquarters  2009) and even represented the Association regarding contract issues.  I am immediate Past President of the Ohio State Bar Foundation and a Distinguished Life Fellow of that organization and also served on a number of OSBF’s committees.  I have been engaged in the private practice of law for over 30 years which gives me a different perspective from that of my opponent.  I am a current Shareholder and Immediate Past President of Pickrel, Schaeffer and Ebeling and former Department Chair of the Litigation Team at the firm. I recently became a Trustee of The Dayton Bar Foundation.  Having served as a Trustee of the Dayton Bar Association I joined many of its Committees including the former Committee on Professional Ethics, Bar Examination and Qualifications and I am currently a Member of the Certified Grievance Committee, as well as  the Fee Dispute Arbitration Panel.  I am also a Member of the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court’s Panel of Mediators. 



My commitment to the legal profession and local non-profit associations is strong.  I firmly believe that helping others and giving back to the community are vitally important. I have been very involved with the Kettering Education Foundation serving for 9 years, 6 as President.  I was also a member of the Board of YMCA Camp Kern for 15 years and was instrumental is raising funds to help send under privileged children to summer camp.  I also was a Trustees of Places Inc. for 16 years, 6 as President.  Places Inc. is a non profit organization that provides housing and supportive living to the mentally challenged and chronically homeless.  Throughout my adult life I have served and lead many worthy causes.



Based upon my experience and dedication, I truly believe I am the most qualified candidate for President-Elect 2019-2020.


Best Regards,

Andy Storar 





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  • Experienced, in touch Practicing Attorney Since 1981
  • Provide regular service to the Bar Family for 25+ years
  • Focus on increasing Membership, Diversity, and Younger Lawyers
  • Collaborate with Bars and Organizations throughout Ohio
  • Continued Improvement in Services to all Ohio Attorneys
  • Support Ohioans by Supporting, Proposing and Opposing Legislation as the situation Dictates
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